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It | Genadzi Buto
Genadzi Buto's animation, video, design and art works

Animated horror short IT (ONO), 2015

A creature settles down in a young man’s room and feeds him but at the same time kills him. His life is falling apart, and he had no choice but to struggle to the death against this dependence.

The film was created as one of the series of the antinarcotic serial «Re-animation» in Moscow. In this project there are no common characters, no common plots, even no common style. It consists of short, quite extremal in graphic style films with distinct antidrugs and antialcohol histories destined for teenagers.

Project Art Manager — Svetlana ELCHANINOVA
Screenwriter, director, production designer, animator and sound designer — Genadzi BUTO
Original Music — Stanislav MAKOVSKY
Violin — Magdalena GEKA
Cello — Polina STRELTSOVA
Piano — Stanislav MAKOVSKY
Managment Group — Valeriy RYABIN, Natalya VOROBYOVA, Elena STRUSCHENKO
Creative Producer — Viktoriya OSIPOVA
Film Producer — Alexander GERASIMOV

2015, SoundTrack_Cologne, Сongress for Music and Sound in Film (Cologne, Germany), Peer Raben Music Award, “Best Music in the Short Film”
2015, Locomocion Experimental Animation Festival (Mexico City, Mexico) — Terror Category Award
2015, Morbido, International Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Puebla, Mexico) — Terror Category Award
2015, Hrizantema Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Subotica, Serbia) — Art Director`s Choice
2015, 9th International Short Film Festival ZubrOFFka (Bialystok, Poland) — Best Sound
2015, 53rd Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival (Marsa, Malta) — Highly Commended Certificate
2016, 39th Elche International Independent Film Festival (Elche, Spain) — Best Animated Short Film

2015, 31st Warsaw Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland)
2015, DOK Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany)
2015, the 10th International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Art LINOLEUM (Kiev, Ukraine)
2015, 57th Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
2015, 22nd International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima (Krakow, Poland)
2015, Zinema Zombie Fest, Fantastic Film Festival and Terror (Bogota, Colombia)
2015, Listapad International Film Festival (Minsk, Belarus)
2015, 24th EUROSHORTS, European Film Festival (Gdansk, Poland)
2015, Animae Caribe, Animation and New Media Festival (Caroni, Trinidad and Tobago)
2015, Linea d’Ombra-Festival Culture Giovani (Salerno, Italy)
2015, 4th Cologne Art & Animation Festival animateCOLOGNE (Cologne, Germany)
2016, Short Film Fest Shorty Week (El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain)
2016, 38th Semana International Del Cortometraje De San Roque (San Roque, Spain)
2016, 21st Open Russian Festival of Animated Film (Suzdal, Russia)
2016, 5th International Festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (Minsk, Belarus)
2016, Medina del Campo Film Festival (Medina del Campo, Spain)
2016, 28th International Short Film Festival Filmfest Dresden (Dresden, Germany) — Nominee for «Best Sound»
2016, 3rd Leiria Film Fest (Leiria, Portugal)
2016, Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Annecy, France)
2016, ProxyAct Film Festival (London, UK)
2016, 17th Cellu L’art Short Film Festival (Jena, Germany)
2016, World Festival of Emerging Cinema (St. Augustine, Trinidad& Tobago)
2016, Anifilm International Animation Film Festival (Trebon, Czech Republic)
2016, 14th International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis (Vilnius,  Lithuania)
2016, Northwest Animation Festival (Portland, US)
2016, Film Festival OZARK SHORTS (Las Vegas, US)
2016, Insomnia International Open-Air Animation Festival (Kaluga region, Russia)
2016, 2nd MINIKINO FILM WEEK (Bali, Indonesia)
2016, CreActive International Open Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh) — Semi-finalist
2016, Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (Hague, The Netherlands)
2016, 13th Filmfest Eberswalde (Eberswalde, Germany)
2016, 2 ANNAS Riga International Film Festival (Riga, Latvia)
2016, 13th Sedicicorto International Film Festival (Forli, Italy)

Artworks for the film
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