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Report on screening of IT at Steve Zissou Cinema Club (13 photos)
news / 23.09.2016

Показ мультфильма "Оно" в киноклубе им. Стива Зиссу в Петербурге 18 сентября 2016

On September 18th, 2016, in Steve Zissou Cinema Club in St. Petersburg, there was a screening of animated short film IT (ONO), and a lecture about the making of this film told by myself. In addition, it was shown some of my old animated works. Everything went fine. Instead of the planned 1.5 hour the meeting lasted for all 3.5 hours without any breaks. However, judging by the feedback from the participants, the time passed quickly, and this was the best estimate for me. Thanks to Natalia Karpova for the idea and organization of the meeting and Julian Chmelёvoy for her photos.

This screening was a good reason to get out of the dusty corner of a stack of sketches for the IT and scan them, what, in fact, I planned to do a year ago but I had no time for it. Now I finally made it, though it wasn’t in the most convenient time. A scanning and editing took me almost a week! And it was the most harsh time, when I needed as soon as possible to complete a current urgent job. But since I had already postponed the screening once  I didn’t wanted to do it for the second time.

Moreover, it was the first time when people had to pay for my screening, so I had a moral obligation to prepare more thoroughly for the meeting and to try not to disappoint the audience. Of course, for the week, I was able to prepaire just 60-70% of all materials, although normally it’d be good to have few weeks for that. But anyway, I had more information than needed, and I even had to speak pretty fast skipping a lot.

In the near future, I think to complete prepairing all the materials, and make a long article in several parts with lots of pictures about making of the film, and publish it on this site. And besides, it seems to me that it’s high time to  put the film on the Internet. Thus, these two publications draw a line under the animated film IT,  and let me move on to other projects.


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